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The Friends organisation is a different organisation to the Committee of Management. Please use the above mail address for payment of all Friends membership dues.


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Statement of Purpose.

  1. To support completion of the East Gippsland Rail Trail with full and consistent development of the Rail Trail between Bairnsdale and Orbost via Nicholson, Bruthen and Nowa Nowa.
  2. To support the Committee of Management of the East Gippsland Rail Trail in management of the Rail Trail through appropriate terms of reference.
  3. To promote the tourism, recreational, environmental and historical value of the East Gippsland Rail Trail to the community, governments and sponsors.
  4. To develop expertise in significant aspects of the East Gippsland Rail Trail including:
    • vegetation management
    • fauna and habitats
    • recognition and respect for the cultural significance of traditional landowners
    • conservation of artifacts
    • history of the former railway
    • trail guide and interpretation signs
    • assistance with infrastructure management and tourism promotion, etc.

(Revised and abbreviated version from application for Incorporation : December 2003) Friends of the EGRT Association Inc. is a not for profit incorporated association. Consumer Affairs Victoria No. AOO45177E

Railtrails Australia have a handy map for our rail trail.

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The Trail Notes accessed from the above menu provides more detailed information

The East Gippsland Rail Trail starts at Howitt Park on the east bank of the Mitchell River at Bairnsdale , past farmland for 10 Kms to Nicholson (sealed surface) with its spectacular bridge over the river. Then 22 Kms on to Bruthen and across the Tambo River, up into the Colquhoun forest en route to Nowa Nowa and Lake Tyers at the 59 Km mark. The section east from Nowa Nowa opened on 28 January 2006 completing the trail to its the final destination at Orbost on the iconic Snowy River. This completes a nearly 100 Km rail trail.

forest riders

About our on-trail information signs.

When you visit this rail trail you will see a variety of signs. Signs can be intrusive and annoying if not carefully designed and located. The management committee has a responsibility to assist visitors stay safe and adequately informed about potential hazards like road crossings, and essential direction information but also about points of interest along the way.

Large destination and distance (Kms) signboards have been erected recently at key major road crossings and along the trail at some minor roads. These are intended to help potential or new visitors find convenient access points to the rail trail, and to otherwise advertise that the rail trail exists.

Small international symbol signs are used to indicate who or what is allowed to use the trail. For example motor vehicles and motor cycles are prohibited. Caution signs at road crossings serve to remind users to exercise special caution. At Bumberrah (between Nicholson and Mossiface) there is a shelter fitted with a notice board where information about the trail is provided and also a display giving information about the important remnant grassland at that location.

Kilometre distance markers and name boards at bridges, tunnels and minor road crossing points have been installed to aid visitors check just where they are on the trail. Interpretative signs will also be progressively installed to highlight significant features and information about local fauna and flora. This former railway line has a very interesting history and significance for the region. Sharing that knowledge can be done through careful use of signboards.

When a management work crew or working bee is on the trail it is a requirement that a Caution -works in progress type sign is displayed. Where electric fences are used on the reserve land beside the actual rail trail (as part of licensed stock grazing arrangement authorised by the management committee) warning signs must be attached to the fence at frequent intervals. This is a very long rail trail - 97 kilometres when it is completed - and covers such a diverse range of country side and other features, carefully designed and located signs are an important part of trail management and visitor enjoyment. These might be a caution, a You are here indicator, or guides along the way to local facilities such as shops, toilets, etc. If you have a comment about our signs or other suggestions please use the email comment facility available on this web site. Go to the Contact us page and fill in the form.

Enjoy your visits to this rail trail. Share the information with your friends. And why not even become a Friend and become part of the enthusiastic team helping make it even better? An application form (down load and print the PDF) can be found on the Resources page.

Our Rail Trail is a valuable habitat for many plants and animals

If you take some time out along the Trail you can discover some of the birds which nest and feed beside the Trail. Look out for signs of wombat burr ows, especially at the base of embankments. We have grasslands which are exceptional and rare. A little homework before your visit can add a lot to the experience of explo ring 100 kilometres of forest and farmland environments which make up the patchwork of the Trail. Here are a few web sources to explore. If you find a helpful site, please let us know.



Birds Mammals Reptiles

Grasslands and flora

And weeds

Friends of East Gippsland Rail Trail Inc


  • September 12 Orbost Meet at Forest park, Orbost, at 9.00am for drive to Murrangower.
    Ride through scenic rainforest along Glen Arte River and then to weir at Rocky River. Distance is approx 25km with some slight hills but a 10 km downhill to compensate. Bring lunch and snacks. (A car shuttle will be necessary to avoid the 10 km uphill. )
    For further information on this ride contact Marlene Robb Phone 5154 1232 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Nov 8th Bike Ride Nicholson to Bumberah at 5pm start Ncholson


Remaining 2010 Meetings are

  • Aug 8th AGM & ordinary meeting at Bruthen 1pm at Bruthen Inn
  • Nov 8th Nicholson – short ride 5pm, then BBQ and meeting at 7pm


  • No scheduled activities at this time

Friends Executive May 2010ABN 45 969 837 646 Friends of The East Gippsland Rail Trail

Incorporated under the Victorian Associations Incorporation Act 1981 No A0045177E

This not for profit organisation was founded in 2003 to provide community support for the rail trail to get it completed to Orbost, to assist with working bees and organise rides and other events on the rail trail. Why not become a member and join in the fun of our wonderful rail trail? See the Friends Registration page for information in becoming a Friend .




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